From happy birders visiting Bonaire

My husband and I went on a birding tour with Susan Davis. She gave us a choice of areas and which species of birds we might see. We chose south of the island and flamingos and parrots. She was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and graciously shared her expertise of spotting and photography with us. She extended the tour by a bit as we had spotted some active parrots about to roost. Probably the best thing was that she showed us how to get back to places where the birds could be easily seen. We will absolutely go again on our next visit to Bonaire! Thank you, Susan!

Sandy S., via InfoBonaire.com

When you go to Bonaire do NOT forget the birds. There are many beautiful colored species. In April 2019 we went on a birding trip with Susan Davis. She is a very enthusiastic birding guide. That makes the trip already worth it. She looks for birds at places we would never expect to look ourselves. We saw 33 species with her. And with her advice, we saw 17 species ourselves. Bonaire is a paradise for birders!

Monique E., via InfoBonaire.com

I went birding with Susan Davis this week. She showed me locations that I would not have thought of myself. The fact that she is an experienced photographer herself added to the value of the trip. On my request, we focused on a limited number of species. Her expertise helped me to focus on photography. We had a very satisfactory birding trip resulting in marvelous photos to bring home.

Jan S., via InfoBonaire.com

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