Birding on Bonaire in the Media

From travel writers visiting Bonaire.

Birding on Bonaire through the eyes of travel writers.

Bonaire Bird Photography Tours has had the pleasure of showcasing the remarkable diversity of the island to renowned travel writers. Re-live their experiences while birding on Bonaire, as they provide insightful and captivating accounts of their time spent in Bonaire’s unique natural surroundings.

Through their articles, readers can appreciate a deeper understanding of the avian life and the beauty of Bonaire’s landscapes. The firsthand encounters shared by these talented travelers offer a glimpse into the wonders of birding on Bonaire. Their vivid descriptions and whimsical anecdotes paint a vibrant picture of the island’s birds, as well as the tranquillity that can be enjoyed within its habitats.

Brown-throated Parakeets on Bonaire.

Each writer brings their own personal perspective to their article, providing an enjoyable read for those contemplating birding on Bonaire during their next visit.

Condé Nast Traveler and

Betsy Andrews names Bonaire an avian paradise, encountering 64 species of all those ever recorded in Bonaire – during the off-season! Birders can catch unique species on practically every corner of the island — Washington Slagbaai, the salt pans, Pos Mangel — just to name a few.


Rosie Bell walks her readers through the best ways to plan their bucket list travel to the ABC islands and showcases Bonaire as the best place for shore diving and snorkeling and, of course, birding.

Mountain Reporters

Edwin and Maartje Hagenouw visited Bonaire and they sampled many “off-the-beaten-path” activities, including a morning birdwatching tour.  Mountain Reporters is an online platform for outdoor adventures and sustainable travel.

Porthole Cruise & Travel

Richard Varr explores the plethora of top-side activities (which, of course, included birding) that can be enjoyed when on Bonaire.  Not a diver?  No problem!

CNN Travel

Danielle Braff delves into the myriad reasons why many people desire to relocate to Bonaire, including Susan, your bird guide!


Kristin Braswell lists observing (and respecting) wildlife as a top Bonaire activity. with myriad activities to captivate the nature enthusiast.

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