The Ultimate Parrot Adventure

Available as an included component to your birding tour.

Viewing Bonaire’s Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot at the roost.

There a number of parrot roosts around the island, but the one which will be visited during the Parrot Adventures is about a five-minute drive from the center of Kralendijk.  At most times of the year, participants can witness a high number of parrots, as they gather at the end of the day just prior to entering the roost area for the night.

The number of parrots that might be encountered can change from day to day, as well as season to season, and can be affected by the strength of the sunlight, time of sunset, and other environmental factors.

Visits to the parrot roost are generally coordinated to the time of sunset and can be an included option in an afternoon custom tour, or added on to either a northern or southern tour if tours are conducted in the afternoon.  Please advise Susan if you have an interest in the Parrot Adventure when you make your tour reservation and she can inform you of the possibilities.

One of Bonaire's Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots.

What to bring:

Since visits to the parrot roost take place just before sunset, normally sun protection is not necessary.

In most cases, annoying insects (mosquitoes, gnats, or no‐see‐ums) are not a problem. However, on days of light wind, they can become a nuisance. Bug spray will be available, but if you have a favorite brand, do pack it. If you are visiting during the light‐wind months of September and October, it is also recommended to pack a bandana, which can be placed over the nose and mouth if the insects are overly annoying.

If you plan on photographing, please bring your longest lens capability. All types of cameras can be used, but being able to zoom in will enhance your images.  A camera that has fast-focusing capabilities will be an advantage when photographing parrots in the fading light of sunset.

Since the roost is at a single location, if you have a tripod with you, you may elect to bring it.  If you would like to shoot with a tripod, but don’t have one with you on Bonaire, one can be provided for you; simply request that when booking.

Additional information:

Please note that all tours are conducted in English.

Lastly, be aware that in periods of rain, or directly afterward, the parrots may become more difficult to observe as they have cyclical movements to different roost areas around Bonaire based on food abundance.  When requesting to observe parrots, Susan will advise you further about the availability of parrots at the time you wish to visit.

Portrait of Bonaire's Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot.

Yellow-shouldered Parrot

(Amazona barbadensis)

Diet:  Feeds upon fruits, seeds, and cactus flowers

Breeding: Lays 3 or 4 eggs

Status:  Vulnerable


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