The Ultimate Parrot Adventure

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About the One-hour Parrot Adventures.

“The most parrots I have ever seen at one time in the wild!”

The Parrot Roost.

There a number of parrot roosts around the island, but the one which will be visited during the Parrot Adventures is about a five-minute drive from the center of Kralendijk.  At most times of the year, participants can witness a high number of parrots, as they gather at the end of the day just prior to entering the roost area for the night.

The number of parrots that might be encountered can change from day to day, as well as season to season, and can be affected by the strength of the sunlight, time of sunset, and other environmental factors.

 The One-hour Parrot Adventures are generally coordinated to time with sunset on the day you will be participating.  Your group will meet Susan at a central and easy-to-find location, and then car-caravan for a few minute’s additional drive to the roost location.  The exact meeting time will be set upon confirmation of your reservation.

One of Bonaire's Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots.

What to bring for your Parrot Adventure:

Since the Parrot Adventures take place just before sunset, normally sun protection is not necessary.  

In most cases, annoying insects (mosquitoes, gnats, or no‐see‐ums) are not a problem. However, on days of light wind, they can become a nuisance. Bug spray will be available, but if you have a favorite brand, do pack it. If you are visiting during the light‐wind months of September and October, it is also recommended to pack a bandana, which can be placed over the nose and mouth if the insects are overly annoying.

If you plan on photographing, please bring your longest lens capability. All types of cameras can be used on the Parrot Adventures, but being able to zoom in will definitely enhance your images.  A camera that has fast focusing capabilities will definitely be of use when photographing parrots in the fading light of sunset.

Since the Parrot Adventures are conducted in a single location, if you have a tripod with you, you may elect to bring it.  If you would like to shoot with a tripod, but don’t have one with you on Bonaire, one can be provided for you; simply request that when booking.

Portrait of Bonaire's Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot.

Yellow-shouldered Parrot

(Amazona barbadensis)

Diet:  Feeds upon fruits, seeds, and cactus flowers

Breeding: Lays 3 or 4 eggs

Status:  Vulnerable


Each Parrot Adventure includes:

  • Each participant is provided with an environmentally friendly (non-plastic) water bottle, filled with iced tap water.
  • Vortex Diamondback HD 8×42 Binoculars are available for each participant’s use.
  • Field guides are available for use.  If you wish to make notes, feel free to bring your own.
  • Government sales/service tax.

Please note:  Transportation is not included for the Parrot Adventures.  Upon confirmation of your reservation, you will be provided with the location and a map where you will meet Susan and drive a short distance further to the parrots’ roost.  The location of the Parrot Adventures is about five minutes north of the center of Kralendijk.


Parrot AdventuresOne-hour
One or two persons$ 60.00
Each additional person (up to a total of four persons)$ 30.00

The maximum is four persons for the Parrot Adventure so that the presence of many birders does not interfere with the parrots’ natural behaviors.  If more than four persons wish to participate, contact Susan for more details.

Please note that Parrot Adventures are conducted in English.

Lastly, be aware that in periods of rain, or directly afterward, the parrots can become more difficult to observe, as food is abundant, and they have no need to leave the roost area to forage.  When booking a Parrot Adventure, Susan will advise you further about the availability of parrots at the time you wish to visit.

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