The Pure Bonaire Calendar

The Birds of Bonaire, 2025

The Pure Bonaire 2025 Calendar–The Birds of Bonaire.

Celebrating Bonaire’s Avian Diversity.

The Pure Bonaire Calendar 2025–The Birds of Bonaire will return you to Bonaire all year long and remind you of your birding experience!  Featuring Bonaire’s most popular birds–the iconic flamingos, the parrots, and raptors–the calendar also illustrates some of the island’s lesser-known birds. Still, it includes all-time favorites such as the Yellow Oriole and Venezuelan Troupial, along with shorebirds, seabirds, and herons.

The Birds of Bonaire, The 2025 Pure Bonaire Calendar

This premium wall calendar hangs vertically (22.5 inches high x 14.5 inches wide) with middle spiral binding, and features full-color interior ink.  Bonaire’s holidays for the coming year are noted on the calendar.  For Bonaire’s visiting birders, it will provide a glimpse into the beautiful avian diversity that Bonaire offers. The cost of this deluxe wall calendar is $49.00 plus shipping.

Preview the Pure Bonaire 2025 Calendar–The Birds of Bonaire.

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