Bird Image Gallery by Visiting Birders

This bird image gallery portrays some of the excellent pictures made by visiting bird photographers while on tour with Susan.

The Bird Image Gallery, all photographed by visiting birders.

Many of the visiting birdwatchers who take a birding tour also enjoy photographing the birds of Bonaire.

These images on the Bird Image Gallery were taken by visiting birders while on tour with Susan.  The photographers are at all levels of photographic skills, from professional nature photographers to amateur hobbyists to those shooting with their phone cameras.  The Bird Image Gallery shows how easily one can get impactful images when photographing birds on Bonaire!

Simply click on any thumbnail image to enjoy it in a larger, full format.

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If you have any questions in regard to your birding tour on Bonaire, feel free to contact Susan to get answers.  She is always happy to elaborate on routes or best times for a tour based upon your own personal preferences.  Tours can be tailored to your own interests, whether that be birds, photography, or both!

It is also recommended that you do some homework about Bonaire's birds before you visit.  By knowing a little bit about the birds which might be encountered on tour, your enjoyment will be heightened!  Be sure to check out these resources for Bonaire Birding. Reading the Bonaire Bird Blog will also accustom you to the birds that habitually are encountered on Bonaire.

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