Bonaire’s Parrot Population Considered Stable

The annual parrot count at the end of January provided excellent indications of a stable Amazon parrot population.

Posted February 5, 2020

108 Humans count 1228 Parrots, indicating Bonaire’s parrot population is stable.

Over 108 volunteers left their cozy beds in the wee hours of Saturday, January 25th, 2020 in order to help with the annual Lora count–or parrot count–which Echo Conservation Centre (the organization tasked with the preservation of Bonaire’s parrots) conducts each year to gauge how the vulnerable Yellow-shouldered Parrot population is doing on Bonaire.

Since Bonaire’s parrot is a sub-species, the bird seen on Bonaire can only be seen here.  So it is imperative to keep a watch on the population of this very special sub-species.

35 Parrot Roost sites were monitored in the January 2020 annual count.

With the very large grouping of volunteers, Echo was able to cover 35 parrot roost sites, including 8 in Washington-Slagbaai National Park which were staffed by the Stinapa Rangers and Junior Rangers. 

A second parrot count will take place this year after the main breeding activity has concluded.

Echo has declared they are happy with the 1,228 parrots which were simultaneously counted and believes the population is now stable.  A second post-breeding count will take place this summer on July 25th, to see what changes may occur in the population once the main breeding and nesting period is over.

The 1,228 parrots that were actually viewed and counted is one of the highest counts ever achieved.  However, many roost-count-volunteers reported hearing many other “lazy” parrots which were vocalizing, but not actually leaving the roost.  Because of this, the actual population may be higher than those counted.

Source:  Echo Conservation Centre

Quick Facts and Current Status of the Yellow-shouldered Parrot.

Portrait of the Yellow-shouldered Parrot.

Yellow-shouldered Parrot

(Amazona barbadensis)

Diet:  Feeds upon fruits, seeds, and cactus flowers

Breeding: Lays 3 or 4 eggs

Status:  Vulnerable


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